"It’s been a long time coming… Almost there."

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DBSK Week Day 1 : Your bias → 김재중

What are your favorite words?

Light’ and ‘Heaven’. Both of them feel bright, but then they can also be used as a dark meaning.

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Countdown to Sungjong’s birthday » D-0
↳ Happy birthday to the most flawless man on the planet! You’re honestly the definition of perfection. You’re extremely adorable and dorky, yet you can be handsome and manly. You’re just perfect in every way possible. I am so grateful that you’re alive. Your simple existence can make me smile, and I can’t thank you for the many times you’ve managed to make my day without actually knowing me. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful and lovely birthday! I love you! ♡♡♡

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Parent: What does a cow say?

Baby: Moo!

Parent: Yay!! What does a cat say?

Baby: Meow!

Parent: Great job! Now, what does a dog say?

Baby: *deep voice* Aoba

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you are fireworks lit at sunrise
you are summer moonrise

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